• Turning customer data into Profits

    How well do you make use of the information in your marketing database? Are you achieving significant business growth by leveraging your vital digital asset?

    Collecting the right information and using the data can help you acquire and retain customers. The organization that understands and manages business-to-business data can improve the whole spectrum of marketing and gets a leg up on its competition.

    The purpose of this whitepaper is to provide IT marketers with reasons and business objectives behind database marketing. By following the checklist provided, you can ask the right questions to the right people/departments within your companies and justify the objectives of database marketing program. In the end, we would like you to know that your database is simply an enabler, not an end in.
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  • 6 points to ponder about your Online Presence

    Google has taken over as the new reference check in the business world. Researches reveal that almost 65% of buyers across the world check Google to read reviews or user comments on a product before making the purchase decision. If you are not online, then you just don't exist in today's scenario. Not showing up on Google or a tacky looking website will diminish your sales prospects in a big way. Do you have a website for your products and services? Are you getting optimum results from the website? Are you making sure that you have a strong online presence? This whitepaper will guide you to make the best use of your online presence.
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