Mailing Address Append Service

Transforming Direct Mail Marketing

Despite the overwhelming focus on digital channels, good old-fashioned postal mail is still thriving and proving lucrative. And if you�re keen to acquire postal addresses of customers, then Mailing Address Append is the most substantiated way.

Procure Data�s Mailing Address Append reduces the time and cost of updating your database with accurate mailing addresses. However, one needs to follow the best practices well refined after years of fine tuning to implement the process successfully.

Our Mailing Address Append process:

  • We use our 32 million opt-in contacts to fill the missing gaps in your records
  • Next, we manually verify each postal record for accuracy
  • After the verification, we append the right postal address to the respective contacts

High match-rates for Mailing Address Append projects:

We provide one of the highest Mailing Address rates for B2B email appends. Our Mailing Address Append projects usually have over 85% match rates, and that varies from project to project.

Benefits of Mailing Address:

  1. Acquire the accurate postal address of each business contact
  2. Reduce postal cost by appending ZIP4+ details
  3. Reinforce your brand messaging through postal channels

We offer a no-obligation test drive for your Mailing Address Append service. To arrange one, please call us at 626-210-3636 or email to

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