Social Media Append Service

Open More Collaboration through Social Networks

Connecting customers through social channels improves conversation, trust, and business. But, most customer information is devoid of social media handles.

To fill this gap in your customer database, Procure Data has now launched the most inventive Social Append service. By availing this service, you can add social media handles of all customers and, in very little time.

How we run Social Media Append service:

  • We use our 32 million opt-in business database to add social media handles to each record
  • Next, we manually verify each record for accuracy
  • After the verification, we deliver the appended file to you

High match-rates for Social Media Append service:

We provide one of the highest match rates for NAICS Code Append. Our projects usually have over 85% match rate.

Benefits of Social Media Append service:

  1. Connect customers in your database through social channels
  2. Improve brand connection by building relationship through social networks
  3. Build trust and understand customers better

We offer a no-obligation test drive for your Social Media Append Service. To arrange one, please call us at 626-210-3636 or email to

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