We are delighted to earn customer respect and be a part of their success. Their feedback is a testament of our specialty, promptness, and passion in customer service. Here are the testimonials from our clients, who belong to different industry verticals, size categories, and geographies..

When we were looking to expand our operations into North America, we realised to build up the interest required in order to warrant a large trip over there from the UK, we needed to have sufficient interest from various companies. This would also allow us to understand if our products would suit the North American operations and which market(s) to target. Instead of spending large amounts of time and resources contacting individual companies, we used the help and support of Procure Data. They came up with a fantastic list of over 12,000 contacts and offered a guarantee on them. When we realised that a few were not working, I explained the problem to Procure Data and within no time, they had offered to get all the faulty ones back and swap them for brand new contacts. We have since been very successful in North America and we continue to grow month on month. I have been very impressed with their service and support and would have no problem in using them again. There are many companies out there who I would certainly not trust when purchasing contact lists, but I can confidently say I would use Procure Data.

Giles Moore
Sales and Marketing Manager

As a marketing professional, I receive phone calls and emails from list brokers on a daily basis. With so many companies pitching their data, it's challenging to find the time to do the due diligence in order to vet the quality. When we were evaluating Procure Data we asked for a couple of customer references and received positive comments back from one customer; which helped us make the decision to give them a try. We launched an integrated email/telemarketing campaign in August of 2013 and the quality has proven to be good in terms of accurate and up-to-date data - very few bounces/invalid email addresses and we are getting some meetings lined up for our sales team as a result.

Amy McCarthy
Sr. Director, Marketing

Procure Data helped me obtain a client, where my business return was over ten times my initial investment. I anticipate another project with the client to yield even more revenue. Additional prospective clients are pending also. Len at Procure Data is a real delight to work with!


My boutique consultancy was contracted to conduct an online survey with veterinarians. Our client didn't realize that the call list they were using did not include email addresses. Tom Atkinson at Procure Data was extremely responsive in finding exactly the list that we needed. We purchased the list, he expedited its delivery, and were able to complete the study on time. The quality of the list was excellent. All the contact information was accurate. We did not have a single bounce. Our client was very please and is using the list to extend their phone-based marketing efforts. I look forward to continuing to work with Procure Data.

Elaine Harris

The Procure Data team was very responsive to our specific demand generation campaign needs. They were able to customize the target list several times for until the pared down data was exactly what we needed.

Bree Loriau
Sr. Marketing Manager

Spanning across multiple market segments with highly-specialized clientele, we tasked Procure Data with identifying and supplying quality contacts that would increase the scope of audience for several demand generation campaigns. In a two-phased approach, Procure Data helped us select and weed out less-than-relevant records before committing. The results were great, and the project was handled with professionalism and persistence - which helped wrap it up in a timely manner.

Jareb Coupe
Director of Marketing

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