Appending Services

Stop Bad Data on its Tracks

Contact information of your customers helps your brand to communicate offers, send updates, and increase sales opportunities. But the addresses of contacts stored in your database change with time. And using outdated email IDs, phone numbers, or postal addresses causes communication breakdown.

The only way to avoid this contamination is regular data updates. The most practical and easiest way to update business data is appending.

Procure data has the tools, resources, and technology to append relevant data to any marketing database. We rectify bad or missing data in your repository by providing a fast, efficient, and cost-effective Data Appending service.

Our service covers Data Appending tasks including:

  • Indentifying and detecting bad or missing records in your database
  • Adding fresh deliverable customer information in each record
  • Updating your database with current information

Best of all, our Data Appending projects have one of the highest match rates in the industry. We offer over 65-85% success rates for business databases. Apart from high match rates, we offer these services at best prices that suit your budget.

Here're our Data Appending services:

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