Do you know about our privacy policy?

Procure Data is committed to protecting your online privacy by abiding by all privacy laws. To this effect, below we have detailed our privacy policy. All users of our website, customers, old and new fall under the purview of this privacy policy. Any changes to this privacy policy shall be displayed prominently on our homepage so that you can update yourself regarding it. You hereby adhere to all the points mentioned in the privacy policy by reading it.


We require customers who register to use the services offered on our Site (collectively, the "Service") to give us contact information which will include and not limited to name, company name, address, phone number, and e-mail address. This will also include and will not be limited to financial qualification and billing information, such as billing name and address, credit card number, and number of users within the organization that will be using the Service. At the time you express interest in attaining additional information, or when you register for the Service, we may also ask for additional personal information, such as title, department name, fax number, or additional company information, such as annual revenues, number of employees, or industry. Customers can avail to opt out of providing this additional information by not entering it when asked. You can contact us if there is a requirement to change the information that you have provided us via email or through the C ontact Us page in the website. With your approval, we will occasionally send you an email to notify you about important changes to the site, new services, newsletters, events, and special offers. If you do not wish to receive these email notifications, simply indicate that preference when you register or follow the ‘unsubscribe’ link contained in each email.

In some instances, we may ask for your postal address. Similar to email notifications, we may occasionally send postal mail also to notify you about important changes to the site, new services, newsletters, events, and special offers. If you do not wish to receive such information via postal mail, please indicate this when you enter your address.

To increase the effectiveness of our marketing programs, we will be rolling out certain specific marketing programs for users of this service. You will be asked to provide certain information through them. They may include contests and/or surveys. Participation in these is completely voluntary, and users therefore have a choice whether to disclose requested contact or demographic information.


Upon request, Procure Data will:
  • Allow any visitor to “opt out” of further promotional contacts
  • Will allow visitors to update/correct personal information previously submitted which he/she states is erroneous to the extent such activities will not compromise our privacy and security related interests
  • We will afford reasonable efforts to functionally delete the visitor and his/her personal information from its database. Visitors should be aware that it may be impossible to completely delete erroneous information or a visitor’s personal information without some residual information remaining in the database because of backups and records of deletions.


Procure Data complies with all applicable federal and state laws concerning data privacy and usage as well as best practices, procedures and guidelines established by industry groups of which we are a contributing member, including the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).We maintain agreements with our customers containing strict controls on the data as required by the applicable laws and industry standards.


Procure Data utilizes state of the art security protocols and procedures to safeguard the information, ensuring the data is accessed only by individuals authorized by us purely for legitimate and defined business purposes. In the event of a data breach, we will notify the appropriate authorities and also any customers who may have been affected by it. It is understood that by the very nature of the internet, no data is totally secure and there are certain times it may fall prey to misuse. We will not transmit or sell the compiled information to third parties without obtaining a written or electronic agreement that defines the rights and responsibilities with respect to the specified data. We are at liberty to review and monitor the usage of the data by our customers to ensure susceptible data is being handled in accordance with required protections and used as per guidelines, and that this information is not used for deceptive, misleading, distasteful, or suspicious purposes. We are within our rights to apply legal action in case above mentioned misuse comes to light.


By using our website, you give Procure Data permission to collect information about the pages served to you as an anonymous user for the purpose of calculating aggregate site statistics. If you register at our web site, you authorize us to use information you provide, to personalize the information we deliver to you, and to use your demographic information when calculating aggregate customer data. Where you register for additional content and/or services, you give us permission to send you emails related to the content and/or services, to which you subscribe and select.


If you are under the age of 18, you must not provide your name, email address, or any other identifiable information without the consent of your parent or guardian, or as otherwise provided for by applicable law. We do not hold responsibility if such a case comes to light as we cannot monitor the age of the users.


Procure Data will store all the information you share with us whenever you interact with us, whether it is through our website, pages visits, activities performed by you, or the forms you fill. These ‘traffic data’ will be stored in our server along with your IP address. We may use these ‘traffic data’ to understand you as a ‘website user’ better and market you our products or services as a prospect.

We may also use the ‘traffic data’ to create collaterals such as whitepapers or industry primers; however, these data will be used only in the aggregate.


Procure Data as per the law of the land will be asked to disclose visitor information if requested or required to by law, court order, or government or law enforcement authority. In addition, we may, at our sole discretion disclose visitor information if it believes in good faith that disclosure is otherwise necessary or advisable for any reason including without limitation rights or properties of Procure Data or any third party.

You might receive email messages from us with information on the products, services, partners, and partnerships of Procure Data once you share your email address with us by signing up in any of the forms on our website. You may opt-out from receiving any email correspondence from us by clicking on the ‘opt-out link’ present in the bottom of all our emails.


Visitors also should be aware that non-personal information (for example, domain names or e-mail and IP addresses) and data may be automatically collected through the standard operation of Procure Data internet servers or at Procure Data discretion through the use of “cookies.” “Cookies” are small text files a web site can use to recognize repeat visitors, facilitate a visitor’s ongoing access to and use of the site, track usage behavior and compile aggregate data that will allow content improvements and targeted advertising. Visitors to our web site should be aware that we cannot control the use of cookies, or the non-personal information collected through the cookies by advertisers or third parties hosting data for Procure Data. If a visitor does not want information collected through the use of cookies, there is a simple procedure in most browsers that allows the visitor to deny or accept the cookie feature. However, visitors should note that cookies may be necessary to provide them with certain features (e.g., customized delivery of information)

To serve you better, Procure Data may obtain information from other Third Party sources to provide you with relevant marketing opportunities.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us. Any changes in our policies will be updated on this webpage as well as sent to you via email.