• The Essential Email Marketing Glossary- Know the game before you play it

    Games of chance are very exciting. The dangers and the associated mystery with it make it extremely appealing. One of the biggest games we play today is with our own businesses. We have left far too much to chance and it has its repercussions. Knowing the rule book and playing within its scope is what makes for success. Email marketing can be highly technical sometimes and this can offset any industrious email marketer.
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  • Inactive users and email deliverability-Disengage to connect

    Click-through rates, bounces, deliverability rates, these are key phrases thrown around in the email marketing sector. An email marketing team feels like the pit crew of a NASCAR race car. A lot of preparation goes into building the car, months of tireless, sleepless nights, blood and sweat is poured in gallons to perfect the machine. When the race starts, on board monitors stream live data and engineers dissect it, to its last breath. It�s very much the same with email campaigns. You spend months collecting data, furnishing it well, and also the perfect pitch. You send it out and your email campaign management streams metrics live. It�s pure exhilaration!
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  • 5 Good Habits you should follow to find the Right Data Provider

    The data landscape is riddled with useless junk being passed on as gold. Data collection, assimilation and usage are not an easy undertaking.

    Digital marketing is at a crossroads. The deluge of digital data began in the late 90s when the internet was evolving. With years passing by and methods of data collection changing, we have upon us today a whole lot of data, and honestly it�s puzzling what we should do with it.
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  • Email Marketing - 4 Things You Need To Do It Right

    Email marketers have their tasks cut out. Do well, or else, leave the job. The field of email marketing is tricky, dicey and laced with pit falls. SPAM is everywhere and getting spam trapped is a huge pain. Here�s what � we as email marketers need to use every trick in the book to reach our recipients and the game has only gotten harder.

    Millions of emails are sent every day. It�s a veritable email deluge. Recipients have gotten smarter. They don�t want to read emails which do not make sense. It may seem daunting but the truth of the matter is that if you adhere to a strict check list of essential points, it becomes easy. These points are standard, pretty mundane and not technical in any way. This is what makes email marketing such a roaring success for a select few who do go by these guidelines.
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  • Spring into Action to Refresh Your E-mail program

    Did you know that 25% of American business data is useless? This percentage in dollar terms is more than $ 2.5 billion dollars of business money going by the drain. Now imagine how this money could have increased productivity across the board for American businesses.

    As marketers, we all sing in unison about the value of data. We use it to send relevant, timely, personalized email marketing promotions. But, do we set aside our efforts, time, or money to enhance the quality of customer data?
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  • 6 Reasons why Small Businesses go for Email Marketing

    Small businesses are usually apprehensive about testing innovative marketing strategies. Though we cannot classify email marketing as a new strategy, small businesses were not too keen on emails till now. However, according to studies, small businesses have been turning to email marketing nowadays. Here are a few reasons for this phenomenon.
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